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Under the Education Act 2016, a child who, on 1 January in any year, is at least four years of age and has not attained the age of five years is entitled to be enrolled at, and attend Kindergarten. All children who are permanent Australian residents and at least five years of age as at 1 January in any year must be enrolled in a school.  Preference is given to enrolment for those students residing within the local school area.

Our school staff look forward to working with you as partners on your child’s educational journey.

Enrolment forms can be obtained from the school office. Those wishing to enrol their child in Kindergarten for 2019 should complete a Kindergarten enrolment form.



The Prep – Grade 6 Curriculum is based on the Australian Curriculum. Click here for more information from the Australian Curriculum website.

The Australian Curriculum sets out what all young people should be taught and the expected learning outcomes through the achievement standards.

Birth – 5 year olds is based on the Early Years Framework

Click here for more information from the Department of Education and Training regarding Early Years Learning Framework

(EYLF) describes the principles, practices and outcomes that support and enhance young children's learning from birth to five years of age, as well as their transition to school.


All classes have excursions throughout the year as part of the classroom learning program.  Parents are asked to sign a form at the start of the year authorising teachers to take students on local excursions.  Many excursions require specific authorisation from parents and students will be unable to participate if the appropriate forms are not returned to the school.


Our school provides a House Competition in athletics, cross country and swimming.  Our school houses are Sapphire (Blue), Ruby (Red) and Emerald (Green).


The Swimming and Water Safety Program is held each year for all Grades 3, 4 and 5 students. Grade 6 students who are classed as at risk from Grade 5 also participate.  Children on Student Assistance do not need to pay for the program.  We also offer Prep-Grade 2 students a water orientation program, at no cost to parents. Check the calendar here for dates.


Students are encouraged to use our library and are responsible for caring for books they borrow.  Naida McIntosh is our Library Teacher Assistant and works 3 days/week.  Books are available for loan for 2 weeks. Please ensure books are returned regularly.


All students Kinder to Grade 6 will have regular music lessons with their class.  Students have the opportunity to join our choirs and participate in other instrumental groups, such as Wind Ensemble and Ukulele Club.

The Music Bus also visits the school every Tuesday and offers a range of tuition options.


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The program known as Launch into Learning (LIL) operates at Austins Ferry Primary School.  The sessions will be open to children from birth to 4 years of age, which will enable siblings to attend.  Children must attend with their parent or significant adult.

The Program aims:

  • to enable young families to connect with the school environment as early as possible, and in a practical way
  • to value and build upon the skills and expertise of parents
  • to give all children prior to Kindergarten the best possible start to their education
  • to serve as a time of enrichment for parents and their children to play and work together, and
  • to develop a social network for parents.

In Term 4, there will be an increased focus on preparation and orientation for Kindergarten in the following year.  The pre-kinder program has commenced and is available to join. Please contact our LIL co-ordinator Angela Casey (email:


The format for the sessions varies but generally there are a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to choose from week to week.  There is time for parents to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and for children to have a drink and something to eat.  Excursions are planned for the group, throughout the year.  From time to time the co-ordinator may invite representatives from other community organisations to attend the sessions to meet parents informally and to provide information about services to support families.  Suggestions for the program are also welcome.

It is important for parents to be actively involved with their children in the program.  Parents are responsible for the children they bring along and need to maintain a close observation and interaction with children.

Parents wishing to attend Launch into Learning and who are new to the school are asked to present to the school office and we will direct you to the LIL classroom.  LIL enrolment forms are also available from the co-ordinator.

Session Hours:

Mondays:  1.30pm – 2.40pm
Wednesdays: 9.00am – 10.40am
Fridays:  9.00am – 10.40am


Classroom programs are greatly enhanced when parents and carers actively participate.  Activities such as Arts and Crafts, cooking, motor skills etc. are more effective and enjoyable for all.  If you would like to provide help in your child’s class, please contact the class teacher. The school provides training for parents to assist them in supporting children’s literacy and numeracy development.

All volunteers in the school are required to register for “Registration to Work with Vulnerable People”.  If you need help applying, or require the internet facilities, we have staff who are happy to help in the process.

Please apply online below:

Click Here to Volunteer


All students in Grades 3-6 participate in school swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals.  From these events, children are selected to represent the school in interschool and Champions’ Carnivals, conducted by the Southern Primary Schools Sport Association.  Student Leaders run various casual sporting activities at recess and lunchtimes for all students to enjoy. During the week, students also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports tournaments held at lunchtimes.

All students from Prep – Grade 6 are provided with PE lessons and a daily physical activity program.


All primary classes (Grades 2-6) have elected representatives on the student council.  The student council provides a forum for the discussion of student matters.  The student council meets regularly to discuss and prioritise possible projects.


Grade 5/6 students are provided with a range of shared leadership opportunities during their final years.  These include involvement with the Student Council, assemblies, daily PE program, lunchtime games, ICT assistants for Prep, Prep/1 classes, preparing digital displays, garden/catering/canteen helpers.


The school has a School Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Support Teachers, Social Worker and School Nurse.

Our School Psychologist, James Lillas, can provide a range of psychologically and educationally based services to students, parents and teachers.  He can assess students, provide counselling as well as work with teachers in supporting health and life skill programs.

Social Workers can assist families and students who may be experiencing trauma or family issues which impact on a student attendance at school.  Our Social Worker is Allie Heales. She works on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Speech pathologists work with people with communication or swallowing problems. They can assess and give advice or therapy to primary school students who have trouble with: using clear speech, understanding language, expressing themselves with words, stuttering, voice quality, early literacy skills (like rhyming and hearing parts of words), social communication and eating/drinking safely. Our Speech Pathologist is Stephanie Mills.

The school also provides Literacy and Numeracy support teachers who work alongside students in classrooms. We also have 2 support teachers who work with students with a disability or learning difficulty.

AFPS also provide a support teacher who specifically works with students with a trauma history. This is a specialised role to support students to integrate in mainstream learning.


Austins Ferry Primary School boasts its own school bus, enabling flexible programs to occur outside of the school on a regular basis.

The school bus seats 11 students and is driven by qualified staff members.


Austins Ferry Primary School believes a sense of belonging and equality is encouraged through the wearing of our school uniform.  This also provides better levels of safety in and out of the school during off campus activities.  If you require to purchase uniform items, please place an order with our office staff in the morning or click here to complete an online order form and it will be available for collection and payment by the afternoon.  A price list can be found on the “Forms and Documents” webpage.

Grade 6 leavers design a leavers top each year which is purchased and worn in the second half of the year. 


Our Sun Smart policy has been developed to ensure that all students and staff attending this school are protected from skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays of sun. It is to be implemented throughout the year, but with particular emphasis in terms 1 & 4.


Austins Ferry Primary School is an accredited Move Well Eat Well school and this is reflected in our programs and canteen menu.  More information can be obtained from the school or through the DHHS website. 


Austins Ferry Primary offers a school canteen service 5 days per week. Students can pre-order lunch each morning or purchase items from the canteen at recess and lunch. A menu is available from the office or by clicking here. Our Canteen is Silver accredited through the Tasmanian School Canteen Association.


The school operates a Breakfast Club program at no cost to the parents from 07.45am to 8.45am. As there is no teacher on playground duty until 8.30am, no child can be at school unsupervised. If you need to drop your child at school prior to 8.30am, they need to attend our Breakfast Club program.


Families who qualify for the Student Assistance Scheme are not required to pay a levy – Government Policy 2003.

If you do not qualify for Student Assistance, school levies are listed below. Levies are set each year by the School Association.

  • Kindergarten - $145.00 per year
  • Prep to Grade 6 - $210.00 per yeart

Student Assistance Scheme (STAS) Guidelines


There is a school banking service for students which operates each Thursday morning. To join this savings adventure with School Banking, your child will need a Youthsaver account. If your child doesn’t have an existing Youthsaver account, visit any CommBank branch.


The purpose of an Association is to provide parents, staff and community members with a way to be involved in supporting the school and the issues important to the school. Parents and community members have valuable knowledge and skills. When combined with staff knowledge, this can create a better learning environment to support students and improve learner outcomes.

Being involved and engaged in your child’s education adds to their school experience and sends a clear message that their education is important to you. For further information please contact the school office.


Outside School Hour Care (OSHC) is operated by Playtime Sport and caters for school aged children. During school terms they are open from 2.45pm to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, and during the holidays care is also provided from 7.30am to 6pm, as well as student free days. There are no services offered on Tasmania public holidays. Playtime Sport are committed to providing children and families with a co-ordinated approach to a warm, engaging environment that celebrates the diversity and the right of every child to have access to high quality care regardless of their individual needs. An emphasis is placed on physical activity through structured sport and activities and free time for children to play and get active.

For enquiries please contact Karen Morgan (Service Provider) on 0407 199 160 or email: